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Travis we know has siblings and parents but Valarie has yet to meet any of them in any way. I find that strange that a teenager would not be proud of his girlfriend and want to introduce her to mom and dad. Strangely all the times they got together Travis's parents were not around. All we have seen of Travis's home life is his room above the family garage if I remember correctly.
As to their relationship I see Valarie persuing it more than Travis, calling him and hoping he will call back. But Travis is I would assume like any other teenage male and hormones are in control sometimes. True he is shy but Valarie just might have given him the confidence to be a bit more outgoing and have more self esteem about himself. Could he have another girlfriend on the side now perhaps ?
The mystery of the "favor" still has me going hmmmm as to what transpired and why. Also one wonders just how well Travis knows Debbie and Lisa ?

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Travis's brothers aren't home any more; that's why Travis has the apartment to himself. There's no reason to think that he has younger siblings; I think Val would have heard about them and passed the information along to the readers by now if there had been any.

Travis's mother, who knows the Parkers, may find it strange that she hasn't met Valerie, but I don't think Travis does, especially if he's telling the truth about never having been in a relationship with a girl before. Travis hasn't said anything that we know of about not meeting Valerie's parents, or even talking to them on the phone -- or, for that matter, about only being able to reach Val by pager. He may think the whole situation is normal.

We really don't know how much or how little time Travis routinely spends with his family -- whether or not he eats with his parents when he's not out with someone, or whether they ever come by his apartment and knock on the door.

(I don't know about the first, but I don't think so in the second case. Whatever their concern about Travis's friends stopping by, neither Val nor Travis ever seems to worry about his parents showing up at an awkward time. Of course, Travis is the youngest of the brothers, so any family arguments over privacy, or about entertaining guests in the apartment, were probably resolved long ago.)

Travis doesn't seem to be controlling the dates and times of his outings with Val; it seems to me that outside of work or school, he's normally available when she wants him to be. So I doubt that they're finding times when Travis' parents don't happen to be home, unless they're virtually never home.

As noted above, Valerie can phone Travis, but Travis can't contact Valerie except alphanumerically by pager. So it seems to me that it's hard to conclude that Travis isn't pursuing the relationship as strongly as Valerie; it was set up on her terms, so to speak, from the beginning, and has stayed that way.

I don't see any evidence that Travis has become more confident or more assertive around girls because of Val, unless you count the ability to survive interviews with the Pack in that category. Val never seemed to believe Travis's claims about that anyway, though that doesn't say a lot one way or the other as to whether we readers should. It's not impossible, I guess, that he's seeing someone (of either gender) on the side, but I don't see anything in his actions or in what we've seen of his personality that would make it in any way likely, regardless of his level of assertiveness or confidence.

There remains the question of Travis' credibility. As I wrote somewhere else, there seems to be more reason to trust him now (or at least last week, story time) than there was when the relationship began. But it'd still be possible, I think, to recalibrate nearly everything he's said or done with Val if there's a key piece of information that we later discover that we've been missing. (As it was, I think most of us had to do something of the sort when Travis claimed to be unaware of and betrayed by Valerie having continued to live as Tuck without ever mentioning it.)
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Somehow I sense that the author had set up Travis as a character ambivalent of his own sexuality. Valerie may have solved Travis' immediate external social problems. We also know he has strong personal expectations of honor with regard to relationships - note the reaction he had earlier in the year when his friend's girlfriend was seeing other guys while he was in the hospital. To the point, Travis is a romantic that wants a traditional relationship with traditional roles - but has personal issues in being able to fulfill his role. I find it interesting he easily enters into a relationship with Valerie, knowing from Lisa that Valerie was recently a male.

Wouldn't it be an ironic twist of fate by Ellen that in later chapters we find that the reason Tuck was beaten up in school was not based upon homophobia or geekphobia, but a jealousy by one of the jocks that Valerie "stole" his boyfriend Travis? That this jock had instigated with his friends an attack to indirectly expose Tuck as Valerie and get Travis to retreat from such a relationship. With Travis' sense of honor, it would probably backfire. We really don't know much about Travis....
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Will Travis show up later and in what capacity?
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If what seems to have been implied by Ellen that Travis has moved on to Anne then no...
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