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I am new to Tuck and have only read it through once. Apart from the steady stream of sexual angst, inside jokes, puns, word play and cultural references that provide the entertainment, there are serious underlying themes that say something about Ellen and her concerns, as expressed through the mage of the family, Bill and his progeny and spouse. Preparedness, fear of large events beyond the control of the protagonists, (us I guess), breadth of knowledge, independence of action and physical health, the value of friends, family values and good cooking from scratch. One of the lessons of Tuck is to be prepared. Was Tuck ever a Boy Scout I wonder?

So, what's on the lists of the Tuckerspawn, i.e. what's in your wallet, closet, backpack and gunsafe or on your TopShelf? What's on the Desert Island List of reading and listening and preservation of our culture?

And more importantly. What do we need to have packed and ready when the aliens come to take us for a ride in their chariot? Apart from the sperm and eggs I mean, that's a given. Isn't it?


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I really ought to start this off, since I, er, started it, as it were.

Unfortunately, my imagination and what I consider 'good sense' far far outstrips my income.

None of this includes the laptop kit, which tends to be in its own bag. Also the laptop changes.

What I carry, pursewise:
folding Spyderco knife, non-serrated - general utility
Victorinox 'Tinker' - Swiss Army knife and (finger)nail field tool kit. No longer made
dice - just in case I have to play D&D with Death or something. Also enough d6 for Shadowrun; I'd love to have a large number of small D10s for WhiteWolf
Handspring Visor & extra batteries - spare brain, ebook
cellphone, prepaid & AC charger - oh the humiliation
compass, tiny
makeup - enough for the usual repairs
wallet, checkbook, ATM cards, etc - needs more money...
extra change, especially quarters
mini-Maglite (AA size)
6ft tape measure, metal - also for gaming
60in vinyl or cloth tape measure - more for people
4x6in index cards
earplugs - ever since high school pep rallies...
keys tied to bag with elastic cord

What I used to carry in the bigger purse - note that I weighed the bigger purse once, and it was literally THIRTEEN POUNDS; and it was big enough that I carried (for a while) a 1997 Dell laptop and you couldn't tell I was carrying it.
miniature multimeter
OTC drugs - ibuprofen/Motrin/Advil; diphenhydramine/Benadryl/Sominex; pseudoephedrine/Sudafed; guafenesin in capsule form; caffeine in tablet form; throat lozenges
contact lens case and mini-bottle
survival cards, because I cannot remember ground-to-air signals
a few tools - needlenose pliers and a Philips screwdriver, mostly
tiny water bottle, for pill swallowing & washing
CPR mask
bandaid kit
a couple of forceps
really good anti-splinter tweezers
tampons (a couple) and pads (a couple)
spare panties - way wayyyy down in the bottom of the bag
fork and spoon, chopsticks
toothbrush, tooth powder
talcum powder
some data CDs, with tools on them
lighter in case I wanted to be nice to smokers
string or parachute cord

What I feel I ought to carry/what I would carry if I won a big lottery:
either a M1911A1 clone or a Sig-Sauer P238, depending on what I could fit; license; 2 spare clips; holster etc
+++ if I could, I'd get a silencer/suppressor for it, just for my own hearing protection
Leatherman Wave, Wave(new), or similar multitool
96/100 hex bit set and a ratcheting T-driver
--- yes, this would be in my purse. I'm weird.
digital multimeter, preferably with some kind of not-in-circuit ammeter; I'd carry two (small) pieces if I had to
USB flash drive with 'stuff' on it; I don't know what stuff I feel I'd need to have, though
other USB flash drive with tools on it
USB flash drive with Tuck and website on it
Waterproof version of the Handspring Visor, or similar PDA - the important thing is that it runs on STANDARD BATTERIES (or a nuclear RTG)
Duct tape - NOT the cheapshit 'Duck' brand; I've never had luck with that
bigger water bottle
unit of soap
possibly waterless cleanser, in some kind of bulletproof/leakproof arrangement
4floz of cough syrup in some kind of bulletproof/leakproof arrangement; guafenesin and dextromethorphan, aka "DM"
better eating spoon, or maybe two; one long-handled, one for soups
butter knife or equivalent spreader
really good anti-splinter tweezers
really good hair-plucking tweezers

I may edit (more) this later...


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Valcyte wrote on Tue, 12 March 2013 04:48

Was Tuck ever a Boy Scout I wonder?

There's a similar mentality, but Tucker's family is a lot less concerned with the 'good citizen' aspect and a lot more with survival, even in non-PC kind of ways.

A friend of mine, who had been in Scouts when he was young, turned anti-Scout when they removed the Pioneering merit badge (field engineering) and replaced it with something like Handicapped Awareness or... {shakes head} I can't remember what the actual offending merit badge was, but it was something all nice and fuzzy and politically correct. And fuck-all useful in situations I expect Boy Scouts to be useful in.

Also, Boy Scouts is something you join voluntarily; Susan, Eugene, and Brian were drafted, as it were. *smirk*

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Hmmm. Replacement for the Visor... have to think about it.

My current phone (Motorola Defy) is fairly rugged (particularly after I bought a silicone cover) and nearly waterproof (Motorola won't claim it is, but you can find videos of people swimming with it), and after lots of tweaking, replacing the original firmware with CyanogenMod and picking & choosing apps, I'm fairly satisfied with it and no longer miss my Palm.

However, like all newer phones/PDAs, it doesn't run on standard batteries. Even my old Palm m505 didn't; the last Palms that run on AA batteries were the III series, I think. The Visor is slightly newer than that, so it's probably the last product of the sort that runs on those.

On the good side... most new phones (except the ones made by Apple) use standard micro-USB for charging. Meaning that, since it's standardized, people are creating all sorts of interesting ways to charge them -- from hand-cranked generators to solar cells to AA battery adapters to this.

Android is only "kinda-sorta" free software, however, which is likely to turn away Ellen. There are other phone systems which are closer to the GPL ideal (100% free might not be feasible, due to the need for binary blobs to support the hardware), but they have limited penetration and might not be available for the more ruggedized phones (I remember reading Sony has a ruggedized phone too, but I can't recall the model name).

However, all is not lost. FirefoxOS and UbuntuPhone are around the corner, and they might attract enough hacker interest to port them to existing phone models. So, it might be possible in a few months to buy an used Defy cheap on eBay and install FirefoxOS on it...

Don't call me Shirley. You will surely make me surly.
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What I'd prefer to a replacement for the Visor, is the module that allowed one to insert a CF card. Unlike most of Them (apparently), I can do a LOT with mere megabytes, even now.

Except, that wouldn't be waterproof. Damnit.

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Well, I like my Dana Wireless. Not only will it run off 3 AA batteries in an emergency, but it also has two slots for MMC/SD cards. Alas, the "replacement" doesn't have the card slots.

I've got one of the boxes that holds 4 AA batteries and has a USB jack so you can run or charge things. Works with the Dana, the old Nokia 770, and my cell phone.

None of those is waterproof, but I've seen some nice little boxes at a local outdoor store (in the geocaching section!) that are about the right size for the Nokia & my cell phone. Nicely gasketed and with carbiners.

I could probably find something similar for the Dana if I searched.

A couple things that I got for my kit before camping became next to impossible:

Old Radio Shack solar cigarette lighter (concave mirror)
large magnifying glass (6")
fire starting kit that has a *huge* chunk of the stuff they make lighter flints out of (about as big around as my thumb & 5-6 inches long), also a chunk of magnesium and the "handle" for the "flint" is of a wood that shaves into really good tinder.

I can start fires with the mirror and the magnifying glass on reasonable sunny days.

Withe the "flint" and a knife or the like the "strike" on it, I can start a fire with dry wood and decent tinder. If I use shavings from the magnesium, I can start a fire with *soaked* wood (taint easy, but it's doable)

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I remember survival classes in Alaska. if you had your snow shoes (issued by the army) and your survival knife (issued with your field gear too) you could shave a bit off the tail of the snow shoe and start a fire anywhere any time. the snow shoe was apparently mostly magnesium.
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Way back when, I recall a fire starting contest. Everybody was issued a piece of a broken grindstone and a file along with some steel wool.

Lots of dry pine needles around and the goal was to be the first to boil a pot of water.

Making sparks was easy with the stone & file combo. And that gauge of steel wool will catch fire if you look at it funny (but make sure you aren't holding it!)

So it was actually pretty simple to get the foire going.

Alas, without *really* air & watertight containers, steel wool degrades *way* to easily.
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