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(Actually had this part written for a while, suddenly realized it was long enough to post, and a good breakpoint)

Dana was running a bit late. Which wasn't good since it was going to delay getting Tuck home. She knew the family wasn't going to like that. She opened the door and stopped as everyone looked at her.

"Aren't we supposed to be getting Tuck ready to go home?" came out of her mouth before she could stop it.

Bill shifted gears first. "We were. We had a few surprises. But I guess we can table them for now."

Travis broke in. "Can I help?"

Dana decided to let Bill handle that while she checked Tucker. The chart looked OK. Not as good as she'd like, but she knew Tuck wasn't likely to get better any faster here than at home. And the risk of infection would be lower at home.

When she turned to Tuck, she saw that he and Mike were having an argument in sign. And that the tall stranger was looking somewhere between puzzled and exasperated.

Mike threw up his hands and said "OK, fine. _You_ talk your dad into it."

Tuck gave a weak grin. "Dad? Please let Travis help..."

It obviously cost him a bit to talk, but to Dana he looked stronger than she'd expected. Almost like he'd gotten rid of something that was draining him.

Bill Tucker looked hard at his son. "Are you sure you want him to come to the house? Your mother..."

<I know. But I... I'll feel better if he can be there.>

With that, Tuck slumped back against the pillows.

Dana wasn't sure what was going on. "Look, I need to examine Eugene. I think he'd like a little privacy." She was looking at Travis as she said it.

Tuck signed something. And Mike and Bill looked startled.

Mike said "You _sure_ mano?"

Tuck nodded. And Bill's eyebrows went way up.

Dana was surprised when Mike turned to her. "Tuck says that he'd like Travis to stay if it's OK with you."

Dana turned to Tucker. And Tuck nodded. She shook her head. "OK, I suppose so."

Leave it to _this_ family to surprise her again.

Bill and Mike went outside. She knew they'd be standing guard outside the door.

As she started to examine Tuck she asked, "So, Travis, why does Tuck want you here?"

Travis took a moment before he answered. "I'm not sure. Maybe because I'm her boyfriend? I think she... _he_ wants me to face up to the fact that he's not the girl I keep thinking of him as. He's a..."

Dana stopped him. "Wait a minute. Did you say boyfriend?"

Tuck winced. Travis got an "oops" look on his face.

Tuck spoke slowly. "Travis... it's OK. Tell her... Dana, tell him ... about my body."

Travis looked at Tuck, "Are you sure?" Tuck nodded.

Dana looked both of them like they were crazy.

"Yes, I'm her boyfriend. OK, _his_ boyfriend I guess. But he's always Valerie when we get together."

"Valerie?" asked Dana.

Tuck pointed at himself.

Dana went on, "So you know Tuck as Valerie, a girl?"

"Well, sort of I found out he used to be a boy except I guess he still is, sort of?" Travis sounded a bit confused.

Dana nodded sympathetically. "Look, I'll try to give the short version while I check him over.".

She got Tuck to sit up and she checked his back and used her stethoscope to listen to his lungs. She started to check Tuck's chest and stopped.

Tuck said "Go ahead."

Travis chimed in "I've seen her breasts before..." He stopped in embarrassment.

Dana's eyebrows raised, but she went ahead and helped Tuck slipped off the upper part of the hospital gown, leaving him bare to the waist. She listened some more and prodded Tuck here and there.

Travis just stared at the bruises all over Tuck. And the bandage on Tuck's ribs.

Dana spoke up and got his attention. "Okay. As you can see Tuck has breasts. It's not true that he 'used to be a boy'. The truth is that until early this year everyone _thought_ he was a boy."

Travis blurted, "What do you mean 'thought he was a boy'?"

Dana looked at Tuck again. "You're _sure_?"

Tuck nodded at her.

Dana took a breath. "It's long and complicated, but the short version is: he had a penis, and we thought he was just a late developer. Then he started growing breasts. And then the tests showed that his DNA is all messed up. And he's go no testicles, but does have an ovary."

Travis sat down hard. "A penis? And an ovary? And that's the _short_ version?"

He sat there a minute, while Dana finished checking Tuck.

As she was opening the door Travis got up and knelt next to the bed. He'd just taken Tuck's hand as Mike and Bill came back in.

"Val... I'm sorry. I didn't know how messed up things were. I guess you had good reasons to not tell me everything. You shouldn't have, but it's done. I'm willing to try to start over if you are..."

He paused for a moment. "I bet this is what all your friends were bugging you about, isn't it?"

Tuck nodded.

"Val, what am I gonna do with you? They were _right_ to be worried. I would have been too, if I'd known all this."

Tuck started to say something and Travis interrupted him. "I know, you said it drives you crazy. But I can't _not_ worry now that I know. I'll try not to bug you about it too much."

Tuck looked relieved.

Travis saw that and smiled. He waved Mike over. Then Tuck started signing.

"Tuck says, he's willing. But you 'll have to..." Mike stopped in shock. "Are you _crazy_?! You _know_ what she'll do!" screamed Mike.

Tuck signed again. Mike signed back.

Mike gave Travis an exasperated look. "Oh man... You _really_ need to learn sign. Don't they have a merit badge for that or something?"

Travis returned the look with interest. "Yes. But I never thought I'd need it. Now what does Va-Tuck want?"

Mike glared at Tuck. "He wants you to meet his mother."

Dana had been talking to Bill, telling him that she'd OK taking Tuck home, but that they really needed to be careful. She hadn't been paying much attention to the argument at the bed. But she and Bill both stopped dead and looked at the bed. With identical expressions on their faces.

Travis noticed the sudden silence and looked towards the door. Bill and Dana were regarding him with the sort of look you gave someone who wasn't expected to live. He glanced back at Mike who still seemed to be upset at conveying the news. And looked at Tuck who looked stubborn. But then as Travis looked at him more, he looked concerned.

Travis wasn't sure what had gotten into everyone. Surely meeting Val's mom wasn't that big a deal? He looked around at everyone again. Was it?

Tuck had gotten Mike's attention again. And this time there didn't seem to be as much of an argument. Mike still didn't look happy.

"Okay, it's like this. Tuck wants you to be able to visit him at home. But that means his mom has to be convinced you're OK. And that's _not_ going to be easy. You being a jock is bad enough. But being Tuck's _boyfriend_? She's liable to go ballistic. Or worse."

Travis looked at Tuck. Tuck looked apologetic. He signed something. Mike translated "He's sorry, but if you two are going to stay together, you'll have to meet her sooner or later. He seems to think it'll be better now."

Travis looked at Tuck and said "You're right. I guess I need to meet her."

He looked around to see that everyone was staring at him again. So he tried to change the subject. "So is Tuck going home today?"

Mike and Tuck looked at Dana and Bill. So Travis looked at them too.

Dana said, "Yes, I'm letting him go home. He needs to get out of here before he picks up any really bad respiratory infections."

She turned to Bill again. "You're sure he can lie down in the station wagon? And there's room for the oxy tank?"

Travis interrupted. "You can use my Suburban. That should have plenty of room..."

Apparently this called for a quick conference between Mike and Bill.

Dana left them to it. Travis just gave up and held Tuck's hand and tried to carry on a one-sided conversation.

Bill walked over. "We appreciate your offer, but I'd really prefer to be driving Tuck myself...."

Travis said "I understand. But if it's really better for him I'm willing to let you drive my car."

Ball looked surprised. "Well, that would help, but we still need to get my car and Mike's car back to the house....."

After some discussion, they wound up with Mr. Tucker and Tuck in the Suburban, Mike in the station wagon, and Travis in Mike's car.

Dana went off to tell the hospital to let Tuck go, while Mike and Travis went down to shift gear and vehicles.

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Can't keep my bloody hands off.

Anyway, good show; but why is Travis saying "he"? Most cisgendered (SAT word) folk don't adapt well to changing genders. Mike (and Tuck) would be the best at switching pronouns, whereas Dana doesn't have a dog in this fight so to speak. Bill and Travis both have reason to push one gender or the other, and may not realize they are doing it.

Ellen Editor
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I sort of agree with Ellen here (though I have to admit only after she drew my attention to it) that Travis should probably almost exclusively refer to Tuck as She, Her, or Valerie.
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Anne wrote on Mon, 27 May 2013 17:15

I sort of agree with Ellen here (though I have to admit only after she drew my attention to it) that Travis should probably almost exclusively refer to Tuck as She, Her, or Valerie.

Oh, he'll probably lapse (badly) soon enough) but right now he's bending over backwards to Try To Do The Right Thing (as is a habit of his)
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