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Ricky was watching TV, Stella was dozing in her crate and I was working on dinner when Miz Parker came home. I glanced at my watch and confirmed my estimation that she was early. She had that "I need to Talk to you" expression. *Uh, oh. Wonder what's on her mind?* I searched my memory but couldn't come up with anything.

"Uh, Valerie," she started off hesitantly.

*Oh, Ghu, get on with it.*

"David's company has been bought by one in England,"

*'Borged,' I translated*

"And they want him to spend two months this summer at their headquarters."

*Being assimilated.*

I surprised myself by suggesting,"So you want to go with him and leave the kids here with me."

"Uh," she started to answer. When her processing caught up with her input buffer her eyebrows went up. "Ah, no, we hadn't thought of that."

"Good. I mean, I'd do it if you needed me to but I really didn't want to spend my last summer before college being a full-time stay-at-home mom."

She gave a little chuckle at that. "David's new company wants to fly him there in business class..." she started off.

*Wow. He must be really important, or they're gonna go broke pretty fast.*

"... so we were thinking of trading in the business-class ticket for three seats in coach. It'd only cost a little extra and all of us could go."

I asked her, "Three seats? What about Stella?"

"Oh, she could ride in my lap."

*Oh, My God* "No, you can't do that."

"Why not? The airline said...."

I cut her off. "The airline says you _can_ take a lap baby, but the airline _doesn't_ say how dangerous it is. No, you can't do that. I forbid it."

She started to swell up with indignation, so I continued, "A lap baby's going to be a projectile flying around the cabin in anything more than moderate turbulence, and it's not humanly possible to hold on tightly enough to prevent that. Stella needs to be in her car seat, in her own airplane seat, to be safe. So you need four seats."

She deflated a little. "I'll need to talk to David when he gets home."

"You also need to think about holding Stella on your lap for a long time straight. It's a couple of hours from here to New York but it's _eight hours_ across the pond, er, Atlantic. You're going to be sitting mostly
upright the whole time with barely enough room to wiggle. There won't be enough room to put your tray table down either, and no, it's not strong enough to hold Stella. You'll need to be in an aisle row, too, so you can get out to change her. Do not even _think_ about changing her in your seat."

She boggled at that. "Do people _do_ such things?"

"Well, I've read about it online."

"How totally inconsiderate of them."


She closed the conversation with, "Well, I guess I really need to talk to David this evening." She gestured toward the living room. "Please don't mention this yet."

* * *

I thought that Mr. Parker's company travel department might come up with a deal on five seats, just to make it more likely.

It'd be interesting to see Val go with the Parkers and spend a few weeks sightseeing in Britain. I don't know if Tuck has a passport; I'm assuming he could finesse the Tuck/Val bit for emigration and immigration. What would make it even more interesting would be Amy joining the expedition when they change carriers in NYC, paying her own way, of course.

One thing I *don't* know is how prepared Tuck would be for emergencies - all cotton clothing, leather shoes and gloves and his smoke mask in case of fires, some way to keep Ricky from frobbing the inflation toggles on his life vest, a custom-built flotation device for Stella's crate, etc. Maybe headsets and an intercom box, finding a Stella-sized football helmet at the surplus store, etc.

Note: For international travel, an infant is required to have a
ticket to travel as a lap child.
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Fortunately it's pre-9/11/2001, or I think it'd be tough for Tuck/Valerie to make it happen at all. (Maybe not; since the Parker adults know, Ricky might be the only one Val would need to finesse, assuming he carries medical documentation of his physical problems and/or dresses androgynously enough not to cause concern.

And the passport's probably not a problem, since Bill Tucker's prepare-for-the-worst outlook almost has to include some arrangement for the family to exit the country on minimal or no notice. (On the other hand, that plan may simply have involved crossing through back country into Canada, no passport required.)

Bad news is that Tuck's committed to a fulltime summer cosmetics regimen in order to qualify for a certificate before he graduates, and I don't think that hacking his way past it (or asking John the hairdresser to sign off for two or three weeks that Tuck doesn't work, assuming that apprenticing there qualifies as instruction time) would pass muster with Tuck's family.


(There is a New Fanfics topic further down the homepage -- shouldn't this be there?)
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Oops. Yeah, it should go there.
I'll ask a moderator to move it.
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I don't have anyway to move it at the moment. This software is not BC. Sorry.

- Erin
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It should be possible, though. The Whateley Academy Crystal Hall forums also run on FUDforum and moderators have moved threads around many times. So it's possible, it's probably a matter of finding out what is the right tool.

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