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NEW TUCK EPISODE POSTED! [message #8508] Mon, 01 April 2019 06:23
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April Fools!

Seriously, we miss you and Tuck, Ellen!
 Topic: New re-read, new questions
New re-read, new questions [message #8507] Fri, 28 September 2018 15:32
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Just finished another re-read, what with it being 5 years since new Tuck, and a few questions have bubbled up out of my brain.

1. When does Val stop using the New Yawk accent with Travis? Is it gone by the Spring Break party, or is it (at least an echo thereof) baked into the Val-mode?

2. Along the same line, when does Val admit to Travis that she's a local and not from NY? Presumably Lisa spilled this bean at that one party, but Our Unreliable Narrator never brings it up.

3. Not really a question, more of an observation, but Dana Treble doesn't seem to be a great doctor, and I'm thinking Bill chose her more for ideological compatibility than medical expertise.

 Topic: A Hell of a roller coaster...
A Hell of a roller coaster... [message #8495] Thu, 28 January 2016 01:11
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I'm currently working a job where I suddenly find myself behind a computer waiting for a phone to ring which rarely does, so I wait. I wait a lot. Unfortunately there is no internet access to outside but fortunately there is email and I am allowed to email myself stuff to read... I've decided to re-read the Tucky Saga.

Holy shit, I'd forgotten what a roller coaster the saga is. Reeling from hysterical laughter to dolorous depression and anger sometimes within the same chapter. I don't know if I was just remembering the happier parts or if I'd just blocked out the bad stuff somehow. It could even be that maybe I grew up somewhat between the time I began reading and now have a bit more empathy? I don't know.

I didn't remember how much Tuck hurt from everything happening around him and to him. How much it pained him to simply ask to be left alone as he was and not have to choose to fit into preconceived notions of gender. I actually saw beyond the fantasy possibilities of the Tuck\Valerie\Debbie\Lisa triangle and saw how unsteady that relationship was for the first time. I saw how much they both hurt. And how much Tuck's refusal or inability to stand up to her destroyed the relationship, just as much as Debbie's insecurities and Lisa's need for Debbie at the exclusion of all else.

I'm still only about 2/3 the way through but reading it all in one go has opened my eyes a bit to how much foreshadowing there was in the series to later events thematically. I'm blown away.

I really wish there would be more written but I understand why after nineteen years it might be more and more difficult to be the character, to see and empathize with him after so much has changed around me. I've seen it before with a fanfic writer who spent some ten years or more writing his stories after which he had to tie it off and quit because the character he was writing seemed unrelatable to him after becoming such a different person. I only wish that the Saga and Tucky Seasons had managed to be complete first.

Still as Ellen warns us in the commentary to part 29, "Hopefully, by this time, anyone who thinks that this series will end up in a mindlessly happy ending has left." It was increasingly unlikely that there would be a happy ending or resolution we would all be happy with. Maybe in the original draft of Tucky Seasons there could be the semblance of a happy ending (at least a hint towards one) but that was a fanfic, by nature not required to be realistic. Ditto for the Bikini Beach interlude taking place after or between the acts there.

One thing I was surprised about was the lack of magic in the series. It often seemed like Ellen was hinting at there being deeper events taking place, with the relationship between Tuck and Mike and the blood oaths, some sort of urban fantasy just waiting to bubble up through the side door.... It never seemed to gel on screen though, always in the background with things left unsaid. Oh well, Tuck never promised us he was a reliable narrator.

Regardless, I've enjoyed (am enjoying) this trip through the story again. I thank you Ellen for sharing it with us and I appreciate and thank the rest of my fellow tuckerspawn for sharing it with me.

 Topic: Jane Thompson would really enjoy this
Jane Thompson would really enjoy this [message #8494] Sun, 25 October 2015 12:28
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It's an ad showing Japanese boys undergoing makeovers: aac0b8fbb03c?utm_hp_ref=style&ir=Style&section=style

Of course, it was simpler because the kids are rather androgynous to start with.
 Topic: Val Or...
Val Or... [message #8432] Mon, 26 May 2014 12:24
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The mail held a small box. *Business cards?  Old customs die slowly.*  I slit the tape
with a nail.  Just as was ordered:
  Valerie Tucker, Ph.D.
  Conway Strategic Cyberdefense Fellow, DARPA

Dad would have been proud.  *Was proud,* I reminded myself. He'd seen me get the
job, just not the cards.  I blinked a few times. *Damn, need to fix my eyes.*  Or
maybe never show my face in public again.  *Shouldn't have stopped by work today.
Not a good day to be alone, but I'm the one who insisted.*  But given where I was 
headed it would be Ok to be a raccoon.

*Lynn Conway _Fellow_? I need a talk to Deb about DOD 'humor.'* 

The pitiful substitute for a 500-set bell interrupted my thoughts. I picked up. 
"Sleepover at Deb's tonight" said a familiar voice.

*Wait, was that the secure phone?*

Out through the lobby I paused as my hip ached.  *No, I am not getting that old.*   
Lobby TV showed Mike live on CNN in LA at the dedication of the new wing of 
George Lucas Hospital.  *Too public a commitment for the Surgeon General to get 
out of.  Dammit I need you mano.*

Beltway traffic overloaded my targeting computer so I switched it off and my music 
on. Eventually security waved my Tesla through the gates at Arlington, and I glided 
around the drive into a parking space.  *About half limos, typical.*  I still preferred 
to drive myself.

*Mirror check.*

*Yep, raccoon.* But I would be completely excused.

I hugged Mom in her wheelchair and then Brian before sitting between him and Trav.
He was was holding Little Jody who reached with a hungry look so I unbuttoned and 
she latched on. *Dammit girl, you're teething. Don't bite mom.*  *Ouch.*  Telepathy 
FAIL.  *Who is that older man at the end?  Naah, can't be."

*Hellicopters are too noisy to be used by humans* I decided, but Jody didn't fuss too 
much. A couple minutes later the President came by, bent down, and said something
I couldn't hear to Mom.  But I did hear the sobs.  Oddly, as I glanced over, I saw Mom

I'm not sure how I felt when I dropped the handful of moist red clay into the chasm 
holding Dad's coffin.  A while later we were at Deb's.  *I don't really remember the 
last two hours.*

The older man from graveside was here too and I recognized. *That's a surprise.* 


"Secretary Dawson to you, Tucker."

"Department of Education.  Suits you. I lost track of your career somewhere between 
City Council and Governor."

"Well, a lot of it's in the biography.  Didn't we teach you to read at McAllen?"

*Mike? He's across the continent. Why do I feel like he's here?*  Mike walked in along 
with Sabrina.  He just grabbed my hands.  

Sabrina hummed "Sing a Song of Sixpence" to Little Jody and winked at me.  

*Can't be.  We no longer fly them.*   


Lisa came in the room.  She made one hell of a First Lady.  *Pushing Mom's chair?*

Something was definitely up.

Deb finally entered and after hugs stepped to the dais.  And used her President 
Carstairs voice.

"I've gathered you for a few words that can't leave this room.  Likely it won't be 
declassfied in our lifetimes, though I've tried to ensure that Little Jody will have an 
opportunity to know about her grandfather.

"We all know that William Tucker---Bill---was a true patriot and a highly decorated 
hero in Vietnam. Survivor guilt on his face every Memorial Day.

"What you don't know is what he did that literally changed the direction this country 
could have gone.

"In mid 2001 Bill, with Tuck's help, was debugging a Freehold email account used by 
a student at a Florida flight school.  Tuck amused himself and broke the encryption. 
Then it was no longer amusing.

Bill's act that summer in bringing this to the attention of the right member of 
Congress is a national secret, directly leading to constitutional crisis of that year and
eventual impeachment of Bush the Lesser for treasonous disregard of our nation's 
security for political ends.  He did our foreign policy and our economy enough 
damage in eight months.

"Imagine if had been eight years.

"What you don't know is that this thwarted a terrorist plot that came very close to 
fruition.  I won't minimize our tragedy in the skies the day that several passengers 
were injured and killed by our air marshalls.  But had that not happened, the 
hijackers might have succeeded in their unthinkable violence and used airliners as 
missiles to damage, maybe destroy, landmark buildings up and down this coast.  
Maybe this historic home.  Maybe the Capital or the Pentagon.  Maybe the New York 
skyline would have changed.  

"Bill altered the course of American history for the better.  Someday his story will be 
told.  But for our lifetimes, the privacy he so valued protects his legacy.  May he rest 
in the peace he preserved for our nation.

Later that night after our tears were gone Deb switched on the grin.  "I've got an idea."

 Topic: Happy Horseshit! ;)
Happy Horseshit! ;) [message #6536] Mon, 27 December 2010 13:55
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We don't really have an "off topic" section on the board so I'm dropping this here in hopes it will be close enough...

Happy holidays folks. Ignore the horse comment, it's something my Dad says that I laughed at. Hope everyone got what they wanted for the holidays and that people are staying warm in the colder climates. Good luck with the upcoming year everyone!

 Topic: Is the story done?
Is the story done? [message #6391] Tue, 01 June 2010 12:38
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Being the maniacal insomniac that I am I ended up reading the entire saga practicly non-stop. The only breaks where for Dr. Who, the occassional mandatory meal with my mother (parentals, they never give up even when your 30), and trips to pick up more Dew. Oh the joy of chronic insomnia preventing sleep for multiple days in a row and a lousy economy where I'm laid off and don't even have to go to work to work off some of the tensions.

So I finished the entire saga up to this point and was enthralled with it. I started to read some of the fan-fic as well. However I noticed that the last release date for the Saga of Tuck's main story was well over a year ago. Has Ellen given up writing more of this saga? I truly look forward to more of this rather epic tale of life, childhood, self identity, and friendship as so much of it reminds me of my own childhood in so many ways (other than the lack of paranoid para-militaristic parents in my own life). But it looks, at first glance, that she has decided to forgo any more writing.

I ask this not to complain, but to encourage Ellen, if you read this, to write more. I myself do some writing and only recently decided to try to dip into TG fiction myself, most of my own writing having been done in a sci-fi fantasy bent rather than anything approaching reality. I know it can be hard, when life starts kicking, to find those creative juices. Just know I look forward to more of this wonderous saga that has helped me face some old demons once more and assure myself that I can continue life and that I am making the right choices for myself.

Also, is Chapter 9 supposed to be the end of Tuck Season? That story was actually what led me to discover Tuck and am hoping that more will come and evolve from that as well.
 Topic: Vote yet?
Vote yet? [message #6074] Tue, 04 November 2008 13:39
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It's Election Day in America, and even if there's no one you want to vote for, there may be someone you want to vote against.

Californians are also voting on Proposition 8, essentially a referendum on gay marriage, and you may have seen some sites dropping Google Ads due to some fairly slanted ads.

And then there's this:
That guy's going to Hell.

 Topic: Happy Birthyday Valerie
Happy Birthyday Valerie [message #6068] Fri, 31 October 2008 09:45
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Today's Valerie's Birthday (or is that birthyday?). It was on Halloween that Debbie suggested 'Valerie' as a name for Tuck to use while dressed up as a biker chick.

Happy Halloween Tucker fans.
 Topic: Hey, Eugene
Hey, Eugene [message #5470] Tue, 30 October 2007 01:06
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Has anybody else heard the album, Hey, Eugene by Pink Martini? The title track is pretty funny, though nothing like our Eugene--Mike's no skinhead. Very Happy Razz

- Erin
 Topic: The return of the Debbie
The return of the Debbie [message #5127] Wed, 11 April 2007 14:33
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I just got finished re reading the saga. And as always, there were new things that I picked up that I missed on previous reads.

The most interesting, at least as far as current storyline goes is Debbie and the posibility that she still has feelings for tuck.

There is the obvious parts of her helping out with mike in the hospital. Her standing up for Val against her parents and the parkers.

But all these could be attributed to just common decency or debbies mercenary ways.

But there seems to be more than that. A few times we get peeks into how Lisa thinks of Tuck, and that she is anoyed she cant convince debbie to agrea.

If debbie is so over tuck, why would this be bugging Lisa?

And for Direct evidance of continued interest. Here is a litle bit nipped from 125

"So, uh, should I give the costume back to you now, or-"
Debbie said, "Just give it to me Monday, or, um... are you doing
that Sunday thing?"
*Don't show up PLEASE don't show up-* "Y-yeah?"
"Give it to Sabrina or Kim, and she'll give it to me."
"Okay." The rush of relief made me ask, "Do you want me to clean
"Oh, could you?" she pleaded, and then when my sanity came back I
was stuck with doing it. *Damnit!*
Debbie said, "You look really nice in that."
"What?!" I wasn't sure I'd heard right.
"Nothing," she snapped, shaking her head, and turned away.

This to me sounds suspiciously like debbie IS interested, perhaps in spite of her own better judgment, but the interest is there.

So, how can this play out?

Well Tuck just got involved with Jill, but that already looks rocky. Jill seems interested in Tuck, but NOT to Val. And it sounds like she is having a minor freak out about it.

Kim's issues might even be allong the same lines, atracted to tuck/val and worying that makes her lesbian.

But there is not anough data there to draw firm conclusions.

How is all this going to play out in the face of debbies possible interest?

I am looking forward to finding out in 127, which I am eagerly awaiting. (Nope that is NOT a hint or a nudge. So please Ellen stop hitting me)

 Topic: The Fun They Had
The Fun They Had [message #4792] Sun, 01 October 2006 16:21
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The Tuckers are ahead of the wave technologically-speaking. This is something they could probably do if they put their minds to it - for the if-it-happens homeschoolers...

 Topic: Car Stuff
Car Stuff [message #4232] Tue, 15 November 2005 06:18
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I typed this up some time ago, but I don't believe I ever posted it. Since Ellen's asking about character birthdays, I thought it might be useful as a starting point of sorts:

Figured I'd summarize this here in case someone else found it useful for fanfics or wanted to add something I missed or reach further conclusions.

At the start of the story (and probably at least since the start of school in fall '96, since it's a routine thing by the time the story starts), Mike and Debbie have cars and driver's licenses.

(I think it's safe to assume that everyone driving in the story is legal, unless we learn otherwise in the future. But it's almost certainly true in those two cases: obviously Mike's parents and Debbie's mother know about their kids' cars, and in their jobs, it'd be very embarrassing--or worse--if anyone learned they had children driving with a forged license or without a license.)

So does Lisa. (And so does Bobby McPhearson, since the things he's arrested for don't include car theft or driving without a license. But I'm not going to list other incidental players here as we go on. I'll also skip Rachel and Jack and Susan and others who are obviously older than our main cast.)

Travis very probably does; if he'd taken the bus to the mall on November 1 he'd most likely have asked Lisa or somebody for a ride home, though he could have already arranged to have someone else pick him up. Anyway, we know he has a truck by the time of his date with Valerie on December 13.

In January, Kim's driving her mom's car. Later that year, the text strongly implies that the car she's driving at that time is hers, so presumably in the meantime she either buys one of her own or (more likely?) buys or "inherits" the same car from her mother.

In February, Pam's driving a minivan. We eventually discover that it belongs to her parents.

In March, Amanda brings a car to the weekend gaming session and drives Tuck from Mike's to Debbie's. Sabrina has a car, because unlike everyone else there she doesn't need a ride back from Debbie's after the homework/Debbie's taxes gathering.

Earlier that month, a minivan materializes for Da Boyz' revenge attack; though Book is driving it at the time, it's Dan who's particularly concerned about their changing the license plate, and we learn on a later occasion that Dan "occasionally borrows" a minivan from his mother. A minivan turns up again on the May 4 excursion to tap Nickerson's home phone, with no reference to the owner or driver. (Dan is present, along with Mike, Jill and Tuck; we don't know whether Book is there.) By the fall, the vehicle Da Boyz are using is definitely Dan's responsibility.

(Actually, this is the one point where there might be a question about driving legally: is Book driving the van on March 22 because Dan's underage and not licensed yet?)

In April, Kathy drives Debbie's car, since she can handle a manual transmission. Does she have her own car at the time? It doesn't seem likely; there's nothing explicit in the narrative about her driving anywhere on her own until the Homecoming dance in October, and there's at least one day where we find that she didn't bring a car to work.

In May, Julia brings a car to Debbie's end-of-school dinner, and we encounter it several times after that. (Actually, Julia was driving it earlier in the month, when she and Tuck met for dinner and a concert.)


[Updated on: Tue, 15 November 2005 07:14]

 Topic: Potential problem
Potential problem [message #3968] Thu, 28 July 2005 18:31
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It just occured to me (while reading the discusion of team names and cheerleaders) that whoever put Tuck into that cheerleader outfit had to have seen him naked.

This has the possibility of some very unwanted info going around. Or coming out at trial. Tuck's shape is just a *bit* too female to go entirely unnoticed under those circumstances.

It's still possible for people to see what they expect to see, but it's not certain anymore. And given that they were already thinking "fag" and the like, there's at least a chance that one of the involved parties actually *noticed* Tucks breasts.

Dunno where that might go, but it could go several places that would cause trouble if it gets mentioned to (say) a lawyer defending the person who noticed.

[Updated on: Thu, 28 July 2005 18:32]

 Topic: Far too appropriate... (When Tucks Go Wrong!)
icon6.gif  Far too appropriate... (When Tucks Go Wrong!) [message #2824] Mon, 15 November 2004 11:53
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So there I was, thinking about stories. Thinking on Babs Yerunkle's new Jade and pining wistfully for more Tuckness when I catch a link from a LJ to a new webcomic and find... this...

-giggle- It was truly a Tuck moment and I was not even expecting it. Val certainly seemed to be in a bit of a bad spot.

Err... okay, I stop rambling now. -sheep-


[Updated on: Mon, 15 November 2004 11:55]

 Topic: Another Possible Location
Another Possible Location [message #2139] Sat, 28 August 2004 04:55
Eric  is currently offline Eric
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I noticed three references in the narrative to a local institution called Deighton University, while reading through it again this past week. There is, of course, a city named Dayton in Ohio, and a University of Dayton in that city.

I've never been there (closest I got was Xenia, about 15 or so miles away, and that was something like 20 years ago), but from what I found online it works reasonably well, at least in some ways. Plenty of suburban towns and affluent-sounding outer neighborhoods in the area (and a decayed central city that the suburbanites would want to stay away from, according to a 2001 USA Today sidebar to an article about urban sprawl). More than a dozen high schools in the county, all four-year schools (though none with names like McAllen or Red Bluff/Red Hills), and some of the school districts still have junior high schools (grades 7-8) rather than middle schools (grades 5-8 or 6-8) -- Tuck says that Brian's at a junior high.

[For those in the UK and elsewhere unfamiliar with the U.S. school structure, it's kindergarten (at age 5) and then twelve grades, usually split into three schools: elementary (used to be K-6 until middle schools started replacing junior highs) and then middle school/junior high and finally high school (freshman year is ninth grade, followed by sophomore, junior and senior). In some areas ninth grade used to be part of junior high, with high school beginning at the sophomore year (tenth grade).]

As with Cincinnati, the nearest amusement park to Dayton is King's Island, probably about an hour or so away depending on traffic. Dayton's close enough to Cincinnati (about 55 miles) to follow their major league sports teams (the minor league baseball team in Dayton now and its fairly good-sized ballpark weren't there yet in 1997). There's a Dayton International Airport, though no direct flights from there to Los Angeles (plenty with one change of planes, but that increases the flight time well beyond what Ellen described).

Dayton's in the same time zone as New York (the narrative says that Tuck's area and Amy's are an hour different) but I don't think anybody's found a way to make that work no matter where we put Tuck. (Some of Indiana stays an hour behind from March through October by not going onto Daylight Time, but not the two counties closest to Cincinnati (or to King's Island).) If we're in Dayton, then Susan isn't attending Ohio State University in Columbus -- it's too close for Rachel's long drive there -- but the narrative never said that she was. (I'm not sure anywhere in Ohio is far enough -- maybe Cleveland?)

 Topic: Happy Birthyday Tuck!
Happy Birthyday Tuck! [message #1767] Sat, 03 April 2004 16:55
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Just a reminder that today is Tuck's 23rd birthyday! So, everybody celebrate in their own way by doing something fun that will confuse or worry the mundanes! Twisted Evil Very Happy Twisted Evil

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